Thank you for booking your workshop with Snap Foto Club. We look forward to creating a memorable and educational experience for you. Snap Foto Club staff is here to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, so please let us know if there is anything you need prior to, or during the workshop.


Please read the following workshop information and rules:

1. Use of Snap Foto Club Studio and classroom is at your own risk. Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) is not responsible in any way (including monetary compensation) for any injury and/or damage/loss of property you incur during your visit, including any potential damage to your equipment by Snap Foto Club staff or other participants of the workshop.


2. 100% payment of the workshop fee is required to secure the date for your event. Any extras, such as food and drink items purchased during your visit, will be paid at the venue prior to the end of your event.


3. You may begin to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the workshop. We may have other sessions or bookings leading up to, during, and following the workshop so please be respectful of the time.


4. Snap Foto Club reserves the right to reasonably amend the schedule of events during the day of your workshop. The schedule of events may not be exactly as written on our website. Snap Foto club is not responsible for missed opportunities due to inclement weather and will have back up lesson plans for any outdoor activities that may be cancelled.


5. Model release: all photos taken by Snap Foto Club employees/independent contractors belong to Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) in perpetuity and can be used in all ways Snap Foto (Snap YYC Inc.) sees fit including but not limited to: advertising campaigns, social media posts, news stories, information brochures and professional portfolios belonging to the photographers. It is acknowledged that you are not entitled to compensation for use of any photographs taken by Snap Foto (Snap YYC Inc.). You are not allowed to use any photos taken by Snap Foto (Snap YYC Inc.) for monetary gain including but not limited to: revenue generating social media, websites, or blogs, contests, or advertising campaigns without express permission from Snap Foto (Snap YYC Inc.) photographers. Photos may be shared publicly to social media with credit awarded to Snap Foto . It is understood that you may appear in photos taken by other guests at Snap Foto Studio and you waive your right to any protest or compensation for use of their photo in any way they see fit.


6. Snap Foto may work with vendors to facilitate styled shoots for workshop participants. When possible, we ask that you credit the vendors and Snap Foto Club workshops for creative design by tagging them in social media posts. A list of vendors and their social media handles will be provided in the workshop documents.


7. We ask that you keep the facility as tidy as possible during the workshop. You may move props and furniture around to get the perfect shot but please return it to its original placement.


8. If any participants cause intentional or excessive damage to the venue (including, but not limited to, equipment, photo displays, floors, brick walls, and washrooms) they will be charged the full cost to repair the damage and any other reasonable fees.


9. Cancellation of your attendance to the workshop is acceptable up to 48 hours before the workshop. 50% of the workshop fee will be returned to you by Interac e-Transfer.


10. In the event Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) cancels the workshop, the limit of liability is restricted to reimbursement of all monies paid to Snap Foto at the time of the cancellation. Some workshops may require a minimum number of participants to proceed. In the event those thresholds are not met, a 100% refund will be issued to participants or participants can opt to apply a credit to the next available workshop.


 11. Any derogatory, aggressive, intimidating, or inappropriate behaviour towards Snap Foto team members or other guests will not be tolerated at any time. You will be asked to leave and forfeit your workshop fees.


 12. Do not run, jump over barriers, engage in horseplay, or other disruptive, destructive and/or dangerous behaviours. You will be asked to leave and forfeit your workshop fees.


13. Please keep your shoes on at all times when walking through out the space. The floors are real wood and could result in splinters in bare feet. In addition, some of the experiences have raised floors, watch your step as you tour the space.


14. Do not block stairwells, entrance ways, or other easements throughout the studio.


15. Snap Foto is not responsible for your personal belongings. You may leave them in our closet at your own risk.


16. Snap Foto reserves the right to request ID to verify booking identity. Please have this with you when you arrive.


17. If you arrive late the workshop will proceed without you. No refunds or price adjustments will be given for arriving late or missing the workshop for any reason. We are located in the downtown core so please allow for adequate time to find parking.


18. The Snap Foto studio and classroom is on the 2nd floor of a heritage building (no elevator), on Stephen Avenue. If you are bringing gear or props with you, please bear in mind that you will have to carry it up a flight of stairs.


19. Please respect the displays, props, and furniture. Some displays are fragile and are not made to be touched. If you are unsure if you can touch a display, please do not hesitate to ask. Intentional damage to a display, prop, or furniture will result in you being asked to leave the premises and/or to provide financial compensation for the damage.


20. The Snap Foto Club studio gets a lot of natural light through its numerous skylights and large windows. In most cases this is a photographer’s dream, however, In some cases we may not be able to block harsh sunlight from entering the photography space.


21. Snap Foto Club studio may have other sessions or clients in the studio during your workshop. You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. During hands on studio time, workshop participants are expected to follow the rules and directions from the instructor regarding conduct in the studio.


22. Pets are not permitted during workshops. Service animals are permitted.


23. No outside alcohol is permitted in the studio at any time.


24. Snap Foto Club reserves the right to amend any part of these rules and policies.


25. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone in your party is aware of these rules and agrees to abide by them while partaking in the Snap Foto Club workshop.





I agree that I, my next of kin, executors, administrators and assigns do hereby fully release Snap YYC Inc. from any and all liability, claims and causes of action arising from any injury, damage or loss I / my guests may sustain as a result of being at Snap Foto Club. I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Snap YYC Inc., its landlord, building owners, officers, employees, and agents harmless of and from any liabilities, costs, penalties, or expenses arising out of and/or resulting from use of the premises, including but not limited to, the personal guarantee of provision, service, and dispensing of payment. This is a complete and irrevocable release. In the event, Snap YYC Inc., its landlord, building owners, officers, employees and/or agents, are required to file any action in court in order to enforce any provisions of this agreement, I agree to pay Snap YYC Inc., its officers, landlord, building owners, employees and/or agents, all reasonable attorney fees, court fees, and costs of suit incurred by Snap YYC Inc., including all collection expenses and interest due.


Failure to abide by the above rules and regulations, or failure to follow directions of Snap Foto team members will result in you being asked to leave the facility and no refunds will be issued.


By booking workshops at Snap Foto Club Studio, I agree to abide by the above rules, and agree to this agreement on behalf of everyone in my party and any minors in my care. I recognize failure to abide by the above rules will result in being asked to leave Snap Foto Studio and forfeit any payments made to Snap Foto Club.



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