Use SNAP Foto Club for any combination of the following:

  • Celebrate a birthday, have a party, wrangle the office for a corporate event.

  • Book your own DIY photo/video shoot using our interactive and colorful photo-ops.

  • Book our Instagram Husband (on staff photographer) for a professional photo shoot.


Vintage Photo Booth




Kissing Booth




Lunch atop a skyscraper


80's Casette





What's the difference between General Admission, Private buyouts, Instagram Husband photoshoots, and Self Portraits?

General Admission gives you timed access to the studio to take your own photos/videos in a shared capacity. This product is ideal for birthday parties and other celebrations, a fun outing, photo shoots, video shoots, and content creation. This product is ideal for smaller groups (11 or fewer), in all age categories. General Admission is self serve unless you add on an Instagram Husband (on staff photographer) image pack. General Admission does not give you access to our “Self Portraits” product.


A Private buyout gives you timed access to the studio in a private manner. This product is ideal for events, birthday parties, team building, bachelor(ette) parties, any other celebration, or photo shoots that require privacy. This product is ideal for larger groups (12 or more) in all age categories. Private Buyouts do not include the Instagram Husband (on staff photographer) unless an Image Pack is pre purchased.


Instagram Husband (on staff photographer) photoshoots are traditional professional photoshoots at SNAP Foto Club. These sessions are guided by our photographers and are not self serve. Please visit our Instagram Husband page for more information about our Instagram Husband.


A Self Portrait session gives you timed access to our professional portrait room in a private manner. Self Portrait sessions put you in remote control of a professionally set camera, studio lights, and a minimalist studio setting. Please visit our Self Portrait page for more information. Self Portrait sessions do not give you General Admission access.

What is SNAP Foto Club?

SNAP Foto Club is a one of kind and unique establishment that serves as a DIY photo/video studio (selfie studio/selfie museum), a traditional photo studio, and an entertainment and event venue.


Book your own DIY photo shoot, book a professional photo shoot with our Instagram Husband, or book a party,

What is an Instagram Husband?

The Instagram Husband is our on staff professional photographer. The Instagram Husband can be booked as an add on during checkout to take all the bomb images during your visit. The Instagram Husband can also be booked out for traditional photo shoots. Please visit the Instagram Husband page for more information.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, please check out our snack and drink menu.

Where is SNAP Foto Club located?

SNAP Foto Club is on historic and picturesque Stephen Avenue in downtown Calgary. Our address is 200- 118 8 Ave SW Calgary, AB. Please visit our map and directions page for more information regarding our location

Does everyone who enters the studio need a ticket?

SNAP Foto Club is an experiential attraction that operates on a capacity model, therefore, all visitors who enter the photo space  must purchase admission. Kids 2 and under are free.

What are your hours?

SNAP Foto Club does not have traditional business hours, we respect the ticketing calendar. If there is an open slot in the calendar, then we are open and available.

Do you offer walk in service?

SNAP Foto Club hosts private events, private photo shoots, and other things that may throw a wrench into your plans to walk in. We strongly recommend booking online or by phone, or calling ahead to ensure availability.

I'm a photographer, may I use your space to take photos of my clients?

Yes, SNAP Foto Club is a content creation space that is available for anyone to use, regardless of skill level. Photographers, videographers, content creators, or anyone else who wants to have a blast with a camera is welcome.

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