no make up girl sitting in window at snap foto club
  • Social Media Photo Session

  • SNAP Foto Club is the perfect place to get professional shots for your social media feed. Influencers, business owners, artists, musicians, models,  any anyone else looking for social media content can book 30 minutes with our Instagram Husband (on staff photographer) and get all the bomb images.
  • Each Social Media Session Includes:

    • 30 minute session with the Instagram Husband (on staff photographer)
    • 4000 square foot studio
    • An endless amount of background choices
    • A huge selection of props, so you’ll never feel like you don’t know what to do with your hands
    • An opportunity to review your images on a tablet
    • A minimum of 15 images to choose from (delivered digitally)
    • Same day or next day delivery

  • Pricing:

    • 15 Images  – $85.00

  • Add Ons

    • Upgrade to all the images taken during your 30 minute session – $35.00
    • Upgrade to an additional 30 minutes and all the images taken during your session – $65
    • Snack and drink menu
    • Immediate on site 4X6 prints

What's an Instagram Husband?

The Instagram Husband is our on staff professional photographer.

I think I need longer than 30 minutes, how do I book longer?

You can add an additional 30 minutes in the optional add ons section during your checkout. The additional 30 minutes will also include all the images taken during your hour long appointment.

Does this session include a photographer?

Yes, the session listed above includes a photographer (Instagram Husband). SNAP Foto Club is a selfie studio, however the roaming Instagram Husbands (on staff photographers) can be added to ticket purchases to snap professional photos. The session listed above comes bundled with admission tickets and the Instagram Husband (on staff photographer).


The above social media session is tailored towards individuals. If you would like to include friends, co-workers, or others in your session please book here.

I'm bringing someone who is not going to be in the pictures, do I have to pay for their admission?

SNAP Foto Club is an experiential attraction that operates on a capacity model, therefore, all visitors who enter the photo space must purchase admission. Kids 2 and under are free. There is no need to inform us of additional participants, but please be advised that additional participants who enter the photography space will have to pay for admission at the door. 30 minutes bookings have an additional participant cost of $20.00. 1 hour bookings have an additional participant cost of $25.00.

I really like to work with my own photographer, may we use your space to shoot social media photos?

We would love to change your mind, but SNAP Foto Club is available for everyone, including other photographers. You and your photographer just need to buy General Admission tickets. Please ensure your photographer reads the SNAP Foto Club rules regarding shooting at our studio. Alternatively, your photographer can book pro time at our studio. Please visit our sister website for pro studio rentals

What backgrounds do you offer?

Our studio offers a huge selection of custom backgrounds inspired by pop culture and social media. We also offer beautiful historic features like Romanesque windows, heritage sandstone, and heritage brick. We also have classic solid colors like white, grey, and black, in the form of seamless paper. Please be advised that use of seamless paper may incur additional fees.

May I change outfits?

Yes, unlimited outfit changes are permitted. However, please be advised that social media sessions are limited by the duration of your booking and your booked time cannot be put on hold during an outfit change.


Yes, bringing in personal props are permitted. Please be advised that we are on the 2nd floor of a heritage building, there is no elevator. Any props you bring will have to be carried up the stairs.