Thank you for having your photo session at Snap Foto Club. We look forward to creating a memorable experience for you. Snap Foto Club staff is here to make your visit as enjoyable as possible so please let us know if there is anything you need prior to, or during your photo session.


Please read the following Photo Session information and rules:



1. Use of Snap Foto Club’s facility is at your own risk. Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) is not responsible in any way (including monetary compensation) for any injury and/or damage/loss of property you incur during your visit.

2. Snap Foto Club is not responsible for your personal belongings. You may leave them at the designated coat rack at your own risk.


3. 100% payment is required to secure the date for your photo session. Any extras purchased during your visit will be paid at the studio prior to the end of your booking. Bookings over $500.00 are eligible for a 50% deposit payment. Please note that online automated bookings cannot accept 50% deposits. Please contact us if you would like to book with a 50% deposit.

4. Rescheduling of your booking is acceptable 48 hours or earlier before your booking start time. Rescheduling within 48 hours of your booking date/time is not permitted.

There are NO REFUNDS for photo session bookings. If rescheduling is required and the desired rescheduling date is unknown, a credit will be issued to be used at a future date. 

5. Snap Foto Club photographers reserve the right to determine the length of time necessary to reasonably complete the photo shoot. The client will be billed accordingly.

6. Photo sessions that extend beyond the scheduled time will incur additional fees. Snap Foto Club photo shoots are billed at a rate of $500.00+GST per hour, in 15 minute increments.

7. All time is billable time. This includes outfit changes, backdrop changes, lighting adjustments, and any other activity relating your time in the studio. Snap Foto Club photographers are experienced and work very quickly to ensure your time is respected and well spent. We appreciate the same respect from clients to keep on time with the photo session schedule. If you want to take extra time for outfits, hair and make up, or any other activity that will make your experience more enjoyable, we are happy to accommodate by extending the time required for your session.

7. In the unlikely event Snap Foto Club cancels your booking, the limit of liability is restricted to reimbursement of all monies paid to Snap Foto Club at the time of the cancellation.


7. If you arrive late you will not be given a time extension. No refunds or price adjustments will be given for arriving late or missing your time slot.

8. If you miss your time slot and Snap Foto Club has availability to rebook your session on the same date, you will have to pay for a new session at full rate.

9. Snap Foto Club is not responsible to make up for missed time slots. There are no exceptions for problems such as failing to find parking, getting caught in traffic, or weather related lateness. It is your responsibility to allow ample time to arrive at the studio.


10. Snap Foto Club is located in the downtown core so please allow for adequate time to find parking. If your GPS says Snap Foto Club is 20 minutes away, that does not include the time needed to find parking and walk to the studio.

11. There is NO onsite parking but ample parking lots and street parking opportunities. Snap Foto Club can also be accessed by public transit.

12.Snap Foto Club is located on the second floor of a heritage building. There is no elevator and no wheelchair access. Please only bring items that you are willing to carry up the stairs. Strollers, bags, and other personal belongings cannot be left at the base of the stairs. If you are unable to access Snap Foto Club due to the stairs, please contact us for an on location photo session.

10. Snap Foto Club is a shared space (unless you have booked a Private Buyout). Because of the nature of Snap Foto Club products and services, we cannot guarantee privacy during your photo shoot. If you would like privacy during your photo shoot, please contact Snap Foto Club.

11. Outfit changes are permitted in the designated changing areas. Please do not leave your belongings in the washroom or on the washroom floor as others may have to use the facilities.


12. Snap Foto Club offers different types of photo sesions and their specific rules are listed below. Deliverables may vary based on session type and details can be found at under the Photo Sessions tab. If you are unsure of what your photo session includes, please contact us prior to finalizing your booking.

13. Snap Foto Club session fees do not include images unless otherwise stated. The quoted price is for sitting fee only. Images can be purchased at a rate of $15/image. Some sessions may include other image purchasing options. Price includes beauty retouching.

12. Images are delivered in an Amazon Photos link through email. Downloading instructions are provided with the download link. Snap Foto Club will not upload images to any other file sharing or photo platform.

13. Snap Foto Club images are delivered in JPEG format. RAW files are not released by Snap Foto Club unless a custom image use agreement has been signed prior to the photo session.

14. All example images on are indicative of what you can expect as photo deliverables. Images posted to social media and other affiliate websites such as may not be representative of Snap Foto Club products.

15. Photo shoots may require use of seamless studio paper. A $35 fee is required when floor coverage is needed. If possible, Snap Foto Club will give you the option to reuse a piece of seamless paper for no additional fee. If you opt out of the paper fee, no floor retouching is included in the editing process. The fee exists because seamless paper is a disposible resource. It typically can not be reused and must be disposed of and replaced after each use.


14. Model release: all photos taken by Snap Foto Club employees/independent contractors belong to Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) in perpetuity and can be used in all ways Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) sees fit including but not limited to: advertising campaigns, websites, social media posts, news stories, information brochures and professional portfolios belonging to the photographers. It is acknowledged that you are not entitled to compensation for use of any photographs taken by Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.).

You can opt out of this clause by submitting a request in writing before the start of your session.

15. You are not permitted to use any photos taken by Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) for monetary gain including but not limited to: revenue generating social media, websites, or blogs, contests, or advertising campaigns without express permission from Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) photographers. Photos may be shared publicly to social media.

16. Snap Foto Club grants print and publication rights for personal use for all photo sessions. If images are to be used commercially, please contact Snap Foto Club staff to discuss a custom use agreement. Please note that head shots, modelling portfolios, and branding sessions do not fall under commercial use unless the images are being sold.


17. Photo sessions at SNAP Foto Club are collaborative, this means that the photographer will offer posing suggestions, wardrobe suggestions, background suggestions, and other advice to make sure you look your best. The photographer may also ask for inspiration images, your choice of background(s), preferred aspect ratios, and other stylistic questions to fit your desired look. Clients who relinquish creative control to the photographer waive all rights to protest resulting images. You have the option to review images during your session to ensure that the creative direction is consistent with your preferred aesthetic.

18. Snap Foto Club does not permit alterations to images without express permission from Snap Foto Club photographers. This includes but is not limited to professional retouching from outside vendors and social media filters. If you would like your images edited in a certain way, please communicate your request at the end of the photo session.


18. Head shot bookings are billed based on time and number of participants. The amount of time needed to complete the work is at the sole discretion of SNAP Foto Club.

19. Session fees are based on number of participants. The session fee does not include images. Images can be purchased for $15 per image.

20. Group rates are available. 3-7 participants can be purchased through the online scheduling portal. Groups of 8 or more participants require a custom quote.

21. Group rates are only applicable if all participants attend a single appointment. Sessions cannot be split over multiple days. If participants need to come on different days, please book one of the packages with fewer participants.


22. It is your responsibility to communicate your brand identity to Snap Foto Club prior to your session by providing links to your website/social media and/or inspiration images.

23. Snap Foto Club photographers are creative and will provide full creative direction if desired. If you relinquish creative control to your photographer, you waive your right to protest the image outcome. We work collaboratively in studio with immediate image review available. If you do not like the creative direction, it is your responsibility to communicate that during the session so changes can be made. If a time extension is needed to change creative direction, it will be billed at regular session rate.

24. Snap Foto Club has full discretion to determine length of session time needed to complete the desired work. Snap Foto Club photographers are happy to design a shoot that fits within your budget but compromises on number of backgrounds, number of products shot, or final deliverables may be required.


22. It is your responsibility to communicate your desires for your photo session prior to the start of the session. If you are seeking a specific look, colour scheme, or editing style you must inform your photographer prior to the session by sending descriptions and/or inspiration images. Failure to properly communicate your expectations for the session is not grounds for a refund or redo of the photo session.

23. If you do not have pecific ideas for the photo shoot, you relinquish creative control to the photographer and waive your right to protest creative direction once the shoot is complete. You will have an oppprtunity to view the images during the session where changes in creative direction are permitted but may incur additional fees if more time is needed.


24. Modelling photos are permitted to be used for your portfolio, comp card, and social media. Images are not permitted to be sold, reproduced, or submitted to publication unless express permission is granted by Snap Foto Club. Brands are not allowed to use photos taken by Snap Foto Club without express permission and compensation.


25. Santa Days are designated days where Santa visits Snap Foto Club. Please ensure you are booking a Santa Day session and not a regular Holiday Session. There are NO REFUNDS AND NO RESCHEDULING for improper booking.

26. Santa only visits Snap Foto Club during specific time slots. Please ensure you have booked a Santa Day time slot, and not just any available time slot available on the designated date.

27. Santa Days include 5 minutes with Santa during the 15 minute Photo Session. It is at Snap Foto Club’s sole discretion when Santa joins your group. There is no tolerance for interrupting or interfering with another group’s Santa time and you will be asked to leave and forfeit your payment.

28. Santa reigns supreme on Santa Days. The group with Santa takes first priority for Holiday scenes. If you are using a scene that the Santa group would like to use, we kindly ask that you use another scene and return once the Santa group has finished.

28. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for late or missed Santa appointments. Santa Sessions are 15 minutes in total, including 5 minutes with Santa. DO NOT BE LATE. Time slots are fully booked and we cannot accommodate you in another time slot. Missing your booking forfeits your session fee.

29. There are no refunds for Santa Days Bookings.

30. Snap Foto Club works with high quality, real beard Santas. Snap Foto Club does not guarantee a specific individual. The Santa seen in promo photos, social media posts, and websites may not be the Santa present during your booking.

30. Christmas photo sessions run from the first week of November to December 23rd. Christmas displays are not available after December 23rd unless arrangements are made with Snap Foto Club staff.

31. Snap Foto Club does not guarantee availability of any display. Holiday display offerings differ every year. If you are a returning client you may see some familiar displays and/or a new collection. Displays seen in promo images, or on social media may not be available during your time slot.


32. Graduation photo sessions can include traditional head shot portraits, or creative graduation photos. Please inform your photographer upon arrival what type of look you are seeking.

33. Snap Foto Club provides access to a black cap and gown that can be used for your graduation photo shoot. Snap Foto Club does not carry school specific gowns or sashes. Please ensure you rent the regalia directly from your school if desired.

34. Graduation photos can be taken in studio and/or outside on Stephen Avenue within a one block radius of Snap Foto Club. If you want both indoor and outdoor photos, please book a minimum of 30 minutes.



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