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  • Headshots at SNAP Foto Club

  • SNAP Foto Club in Calgary offers professional headshots for corporate professionals, actors, models and anyone else who wants to look their best on the web, Linkedin, and other social media platforms.
  • Each Headshot Session Includes:

    • 30 minute session with the Instagram Husband (on staff professional photographer)
    • Access to a 4000 square foot studio
    • An endless amount of background choices
    • An opportunity to review your images on a tablet
    • A minimum of 15 images to choose from (delivered digitally)
    • Same day or next day delivery

  • Pricing:

    • 15 Images – $85.00

  • Add Ons

    • Upgrade to all the images taken during your session – $35.00
    • Snack and drink menu
    • Immediate on site physical print packages

What's an Instagram Husband?

The Instagram Husband is our on staff professional photographer.

Can I use these headshots on my website and social media?

Yes, absolutely, these images are ideal for your website and social media like Linkedin.

Is there a discount on multiple team members? How do I book multiple team members?

Yes, we offer discounts on multiple team members. Please visit our photoshoot booking portal to see headshot pricing for multiple individuals. Please note that default session durations for multiple team members are 1 hour. We recommend a minimum of 20 minutes per participant to guarantee good headshot results. Please use the checkout add on section to add additional time to your bookings.


E.g. 5 headshot participants = a recommended 2 hour booking.


Groups larger than 8 participants should contact usĀ 

What backgrounds do you offer?

We have various solid colors including the classic black, white, and grey. We have painted canvas, heritage brick and sandstone, and lots of fun stuff like a grassy hedge, wood grain, and even purple velvet.

May I change outfits?

Yes, unlimited outfit changes are permitted. However, please be advised that headshot sessions are limited 30 minutes unless additional time is purchased.

Do you do team photos?

The headshot product as advertised on this page is for individuals.

If you would like to book team photos please book the appropriate number of participants through our photoshoot booking portal

May I bring someone with me during the session?

SNAP Foto Club works on a capacity model, so any participants that are present during the session need to purchase a ticket. Additional tickets for the 30 minute headshot session are $20.00 per person.

I really like to work with my own photographer, may we use your space to shoot headshots?

We would love to change your mind, but SNAP Foto Club is available for everyone, including other photographers. You and your photographer just need to buy tickets. Please ensure your photographer reads the SNAP Foto Club rules regarding shooting at our studio. Alternatively, your photographer can book pro time at our studio. Please visit our sister website for pro studio rentals

I would like headshots in my natural habitat, is this possible?

We are working on an on-location Instagram Husband option. Keep watching our website for this option.

My delightful mug is going on a billboard and I need some headshots, is this product right for me?

We do not recommend these headshots for billboards or respected print publications. Please visit our sister website snapfoto.ca for headshot options that better fit the aforementioned applications.