Thank you for having your event at Snap Foto Club. We look forward to creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. Snap Foto Club staff is here to make your visit as enjoyable as possible so please let us know if there is anything you need prior to, or during your event.


Please read the following event information and rules:



1. Use of Snap Foto Club’s facility is at your own risk. Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) is not responsible in any way (including monetary compensation) for any injury and/or damage/loss of property you incur during your visit.

2. Snap Foto Club is not responsible for your personal belongings. You may leave them at the designated coat rack at your own risk.




3. 100% payment is required to secure the date for your event. Any extras purchased during your visit will be paid at the studio prior to the end of your booking. Unused time cannot be refunded or banked. For example: if you book 2 hours and only use 1 hour you will be billed for 2 hours and any unused time cannot be used towards future bookings. Bookings with a venue spend of $500 or greater have the option to pay a 50% deposit to secure the date. Please note that online automated bookings cannot accept 50% deposits. Please contact us if you would like to book with a 50% deposit.

Private Buyout bookings with a venue spend of less than $500 are non-refundable.

Private Buyout bookings with a venue spend of $500 or greater are eligible for the following cancellation policy:


Cancellation of your booking is acceptable 48 hours or earlier before your booking start time. 50% of the total venue fee will be returned to you (less processing fees) by Interac e-Transfer. There are no refunds for bookings cancelled within 48 hours of your booking start time. Any add-ons purchased including but not limited to: photographer, prints, food, or alcohol, are all non-refundable.

4. All time is billable time. This includes set up, tear down, catering deliveries, decor delivery and set up, and any other activity that uses venue time. Snap Foto Club bills on an hourly basis, in half hour increments. Please take into account set up and tear down time when booking. Complimentary set up and tear down time may be available for full or multiday bookings.

5. Snap Foto Club permits guests to arrive 10 minutes before the event start time when possible. In the event Snap Foto Club has 2 consecutive bookings, early arrival may not be possible and guests will be asked to wait outside until the scheduled start time of the event.

6.  Snap Foto Club may have bookings back to back. The doors will be opened 5 minutes prior to the end of the booking time to faciliatate your guests leaving and the next group arrival. Upon arrival, Snap Foto Club staff will inform you if there is a booking directly following yours to ensure a smooth transition between groups.

7. Billing begins at the event start time, or upon first guest arrival, which ever comes first. If you arrive early for your event and Snap Foto Club can accommodate an early start time, you may be permitted to begin early. This is not a complimentary time extension. For example, if you hava the space booked at 1:00pm for 2 hours and you arrived and began at 12:30, your time would end at 2:30.

Billing ends at the scheduled end time, or when the last guest leaves the venue, which ever comes later. Guests must vacate the venue by the scheduled end time of the event to prevent extended billing.

8. In the event Snap Foto Club cancels your booking, the limit of liability is restricted to reimbursement of all monies paid to Snap Foto Club at the time of the cancellation.




9. If you arrive late you will not be given a time extension. No refunds or price adjustments will be given for arriving late or missing your time slot. Rescheduling within 48 hours of your booking date/time will be subject to a rescheduling fee of 20% of the total venue fee. We are located in the downtown core so please allow for adequate time to find parking.




10. If the event leaves the Snap Foto Club facility in disarray, there will be a cleaning fee applied to the invoice. Cleaning fees start at $150 and increase proportionate to the amount of cleaning required. Cleaning fees are applied for situations where the mess is beyond normal wear and tear. There is an automatic minumum $150 cleaning fee for any confetti or glitter poppers that are released in the space. To avoid cleaning fees, please ensure the space is left in the same condition as when you arrived. Enacting the cleaning fee is at the sole discretion of Snap Foto Club Staff.




11. Snap Foto Club is fully liquor licensed. No outside drinks are permitted at any time, no exceptions. If outside alcohol is found during an event, Snap Foto Club employees will eject the individual in possession of the liquor from the event. If additional offenses occur during the event, or if guests fail to comply with Snap Foto Club instructions, the event will be shut down and no refunds will be provided. It is the event organizers responsibility to ensure guests are compliant with Snap Foto Club alcohol rules.

12. Snap Foto Club has a set drink menu but custom alcohol orders can be placed. Prepayment in full is required for special order alcohol. Unused alcohol cannot be removed from the premises and no refunds will be provided.

13. Snap Foto Club provides custom Charcuterie boards for events. Charcuterie orders must be made 48 hours prior to the event start time and paid in full. No refunds are provided for Charcuterie orders. Alternative in house catering options may be available.

14. Snap Foto Club allows catering from outside vendors. For simple catering such as pizza delivery, there are no additional fees. There is a 10% catering fee for any catering that requires use of Snap Foto Club’s kitchen. Catering must be delivered and cleared within the booked event time unless arrangements have been made with Snap Foto Club staff. Snap Foto Club staff are not responsible for serving food, clearing plates, or cleaning up service from outside caterers unless prior arrangements have been made. Snap Foto Club does not provide plates, cutlery, or napkins for outside catering orders unless arrangements have been made to provide these items. Please ensure your caterer is full service. Charcuterie boards from outside caterers are subject to a catering fee.




15. Snap Foto Club does not have on site storage. All deliveries must be scheduled during booked time. This includes catering, decor, chairs, linens, flowers, and any other items required for the event. All deliveries must be able to be completed by the delivering company. Snap Foto Club staff is not available to carry items up the stairs unless arrangements are made prior to the delivery. Snap Foto Club staff must be notified of delivery schedules.

16. Snap Foto Club staff will not assist in the set up and tear down of decor or furniture from outside vendors. If necessary, Snap Foto Club staff will assist in clearing furniture and other items that belong to Snap Foto Club. If you require assistance with setting up or tearing down decor, we are happy to make arrangements to ensure help is available.




17. Any derogatory, aggressive, intimidating, or inappropriate behaviour towards Snap Foto Club team members or other guests will not be tolerated at any time. You will be asked to leave and forfeit your event fee.

18. Do not run, jump over barriers, engage in horseplay, or other disruptive, destructive and/or dangerous behaviours. You will be asked to leave and forfeit your event fee.

19. Do not block stairwells, entrance ways, or other easements throughout the space. This includes the entrance to the kitchen and the easement between the stairwell and main level. You will be asked to move.

20. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. It is your responsibility to supervise children in your care. If behaviour is damaging or disruptive, you will be asked to leave and forfeit your event fee.

21. DO NOT get in to the bathtub on the ends as it can tip, enter and exit in the middle and keep your weight central. DO NOT hang on or pull on the chain experience. Always hold onto ropes while using the swings. Reckless behaviour can result in injury.

22. Please keep your shoes on at all times when walking through out the space. The floors are real wood and could result in splinters in bare feet. In addition, some of the experiences have raised floors, watch your step as you tour the space.

23. Do not touch any of the light switches or any ceiling mounted lights in the Snap Foto Club studio, if any of the artificial lights are not working, please talk to a Snap Foto Club team member. Repositioning, turning off, or trying to adjust ceiling mounted lights is strictly prohibited.




24. The on staff Event Photographer can be booked for events at a rate of $125/hour. A digital album of all images from the event will be delivered within 48 hours. The images are delivered in JPEG format. The photos are high quality and can be printed large. Images do not include retouching. Retouching is an add-on service that can be arranged after your photos are delivered. Snap Foto Club will not deliver images in raw format. Images are delivered in an Amazon Photos link through email. Downloading instructions are provided with the download link. Snap Foto Club will not upload images to any other file sharing or photo platform.

25. Model release: all photos taken by Snap Foto Club employees/independent contractors belong to Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) in perpetuity and can be used in all ways Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) sees fit including but not limited to: advertising campaigns, websites, social media posts, news stories, information brochures and professional portfolios belonging to the photographers. It is acknowledged that you are not entitled to compensation for use of any photographs taken by Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.).

Clients can opt out of this clause by submitting their request in writing before the start of their event.

26. You are not permitted to use any photos taken by Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) for monetary gain including but not limited to: revenue generating social media, websites, or blogs, contests, or advertising campaigns without express permission from Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) photographers.

27. Complimentary tripods are available to mount your phones or cameras (subject to availability), please ask a Snap Foto Club team member if you would like to use one. Using the complimentary tripods is at your own risk, Snap Foto Club is not responsible for any damage to your devices attached to tripods, this includes damaged caused by malfunction of tripods, damaged caused by tripods being tipped over by other guests, and damage to devices as a result of improper mounting of devices.




28. Snap Foto Club reserves the right to provide access to the facility in a nonobtrusive manner to building maintenance crews, and any other personnel for the purpose of viewing the studio for a very short duration. In cases of sensitive material and non disclosure agreements, clients can opt out of this clause by submitting their request in writing during the time of scheduling their booking. Requests to opt out of this clause submitted later than 1 hour after scheduling may not be accommodated.

29. Snap Foto Club is located on the second floor of a heritage building. There is no elevator and no wheelchair access. Please only bring items that you are willing to carry up the stairs. Strollers, bags, and other personal belongings cannot be left at the base of the stairs.




31. Snap Foto Club reserves the right to request ID to verify booking identity. Please have this with you when you arrive.

32. Snap Foto Club will only reveal booking details to the individual who created the booking (Client). Start and end times, invoice details, payment details, or any other information will not be provided to anyone other than the Client, unless express permission is granted by the Client.

33. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone in your party is aware of the above rules and agrees to abide by them while visiting Snap Foto Club. In the event of damage, stolen items, unpaid tabs, cleaning fees, or any other outstanding balance, the individual who made the booking is responsible for covering the cost.

34. Snap Foto Club reserves the right to amend any part of these rules and policies.

35. Failure to abide by the above rules and regulations, or failure to follow directions of Snap Foto Club team members will result in you being asked to leave the facility and no refunds will be issued.


By booking an event at Snap Foto Club through online portals, or any other means, I agree to abide by the above rules and agree to this agreement on behalf of everyone in my party and any minors in my care. I recognize failure to abide by the above rules will result in being asked to leave Snap Foto Club and forfeit any payments made to Snap Foto Club.