Welcome to Snap Foto Club! Are you ready for a one of a kind entertainment experience? Please read the following rules that are in place to keep everyone safe and having fun at our facility. If you have any questions, please ask a Snap Foto Club team member.


General Admission Rules and Policies:


1. Use of Snap Foto Club’s facility is at your own risk. Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) is not responsible in any way (including monetary compensation) for any injury and/or damage/loss of property you incur during your visit, including any potential damage to your cameras and/or cellphones by Snap Foto Club staff.

2. There are no refunds for any services provided by Snap Foto Club.

3. Model release: all photos taken by Snap Foto Club employees/independent contractors belong to Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) in perpetuity and can be used in all ways Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) sees fit including but not limited to: advertising campaigns, social media posts, news stories, information brochures and professional portfolios belonging to the photographers. It is acknowledged that you are not entitled to compensation for use of any photographs taken by Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.). You are not allowed to use any photos taken by Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) for monetary gain including but not limited to: revenue generating social media, websites, or blogs, contests, or advertising campaigns without express permission from Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) photographers. Photos may be shared publicly to social media with credit awarded to Snap Foto Club. It is understood that you may appear in photos taken by other guests at Snap Foto Club and you waive your right to any protest or compensation for use of their photo in any way they see fit.


4. Snap Foto Club is typically self serve (Unless you pre-purchase Instagram Husband Images), this means that you should arrive ready to take your own pictures. For this reason, Snap Foto Club is best enjoyed by a minimum of 2 participants. The single ticket option is bundled with Instagram Husband (on staff photographer) images and is not self serve. Allocation of Instagram Husband time for bookings with fewer than “full album”purchases is at the discretion of Snap Foto Club staff.  Bookings with “full album” Instagram Husband purchases buy out the Instagram Husband’s time for an hourly fee of $100/hour. Self serve photos and professional Instagram Husband photos must be completed within the duration of booking.


5. All example images on snapfotoclub.ca are indicative of what you can expect as photo deliverables from the Instagram Husband (on staff photographer). Images posted to social media and other affiliate websites such as snapfoto.ca may not be representative of Snap Foto Club products.


6. All participants who enter the photography space must purchase a ticket. This includes but is not limited to: photographers, parents, friends, chauffeurs, and chaperones.

7. Snap Foto Club is a shared space (unless you have booked a private party). Because of the nature of Snap Foto Club products and services, we cannot guarantee privacy during your individual ticket booking.

8. Outfit changes are permitted in the designated changing areas. Please do not leave your belongings in the washroom or on the washroom floor as others may have to use the facilities. We are typically a shared space, so please refrain from changing outfits in areas not designated as changing areas.

9. Any derogatory, aggressive, intimidating, or inappropriate behaviour towards Snap Foto Club team members or other guests will not be tolerated at any time. You will be asked to leave and forfeit your entrance fee.

10. Do not run, jump over barriers, engage in horseplay, or other disruptive, destructive and/or dangerous behaviours. You will be asked to leave and forfeit your entrance fee.

11. Do not block stairwells, entrance ways, or other easements throughout the space.

12. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. It is your responsibility to supervise children in your care. If behaviour is damaging or disruptive, you will be asked to leave and forfeit your entrance fee.

13. Please respect the displays, props, and furniture. Some displays are fragile and are not made to be touched. If you are unsure if you can touch a display, please do not hesitate to ask. Damage to a display, prop, or furniture will result in you being asked to leave the premises and/or to provide financial compensation for the damage.

14. DO NOT get in to the bathtub on the ends as it can tip, enter and exit in the middle and keep your weight central. DO NOT hang on or pull on the chain experience. Always hold onto ropes while using the swing. Reckless behaviour can result in injury.

15. Please keep your shoes on at all times when walking through out the space. The floors are real wood and could result in splinters in bare feet. In addition, some of the experiences have raised floors, watch your step as you tour the space.

16. Snap Foto Club is not responsible for your personal belongings. You may leave them in our closet at your own risk.

17. Unless an Instagram Husband (On staff photographer) package is pre-purchased, you are not guaranteed access to an Instagram Husband during your visit. You are not guaranteed any specific photo or number of photos. Instagram Husbands are an additional service that is paid for separately from your general admission ticket or party.


18. Instagram Husband (On staff photographer) images must be selected in studio, after the conclusion of your booking. Snap Foto Club cannot email images for the purpose of selection.at a later date and time.  The images are delivered in JPEG format. The photos are high quality and can be printed large. Instagram Husband images do not include retouching. Retouching is an add-on service that can be arranged after your photos are delivered. More information about our retouching service can be found on the retouching page on our website. Snap Foto Club will not deliver images in raw format.


19. Instagram Husband (On staff photographer) images are delivered in an Amazon Photos or Amazon Drive link through email. Downloading instructions are provided with the download link. Snap Foto Club will not upload images to any other file sharing or photo platform. 


20. A ticket to Snap Foto Club cannot be shared among multiple individuals. For example, you cannot visit for half the duration of your booking, leave the studio, and have another individual enter the studio in your place.

21. Snap Foto Club reserves the right to request ID to verify booking identity. Please have this with you when you arrive.

22. If you arrive late you will not be given a time extension. If you are more than 15 minutes late with no communication with Snap Foto Club your slot may be given away to a walk – in client. No refunds or price adjustments will be given for arriving late or missing your time slot. We are located in the downtown core so please allow for adequate time to find parking.

23. You must complete your visit within the time you have booked. This includes outfit changes, set up, and tear down of any photography equipment. Please give yourself adequate time to complete your photos with this in mind. 

24. You can reschedule up to 48 hours in advance of your time slot. Please refer to your booking confirmation to reschedule your booking.

25. The Snap Foto Club studio is always changing. We reserve the right to change our experiences without notice, for reasons including but not limited to: seasonal changes, sudden strokes of creativity, or because we get bored of them. If you have your eye set on a specific wall it is best to send us a message to make sure it will be available during your booking. In addition, Snap Foto Club may conduct occasional maintenance on experiences. During the maintenance period an experience may not be available.

26. Snap Foto Club welcomes videographers, however, please be advised that the studio is a shared space and not soundproof. Good micing techniques will minimize most if not all audio problems, however, we cannot make any guarantees about the sound level in the space.

27. Snap Foto Club gets a lot of natural light through its numerous skylights and large windows. In most cases this is a photographers dream, however, In some cases we may not be able to block harsh sunlight from entering the photography space.

28. During general admission, Snap Foto Club restricts any traditional studio shooting that makes use of seamless paper or other typically professional backgrounds. If you would like to rent the studio for a traditional photo shoot, please visit the studio section of our sister website snapfoto.ca. Restricted uses of Snap Foto Club during general admission is at the sole discretion of Snap Foto Club staff.

29. The neon room at Snap Foto Club is sometimes booked for private shoots or private functions. General Admission does not guarantee your access to the neon room. If you are interested in using the neon room during general admission please send a message to Snap Foto Club staff to ensure availability.


30. Off camera lights are restricted during general admission, unless a $25 fee is paid. The off camera fee can be put towards any rentals at Snap Foto Club. Snap Foto Club defines off camera light as any light source used that is not on the camera. This includes but is not limited to: speedlites on stands, assistants holding lights, and lights propped up on tables, chairs, etc…


31. Pets are not permitted during general admission unless it is specified as a pet or dog event. Please contact us to inquire about pet admission.


32. Snap Foto Club reserves the right to amend any part of these rules and policies.


33. It is your responsibility to make sure everyone in your party is aware of these rules and agrees to abide by them while visiting Snap Foto Club.


Failure to abide by the above rules and regulations, or failure to follow directions of Snap Foto Club team members will result in you being asked to leave the facility and no refunds will be issued.


By booking tickets at Snap Foto Club, I agree to abide by the above rules, and agree to this agreement on behalf of everyone in my party and any minors in my care. I recognize failure to abide by the above rules will result in being asked to leave Snap Foto Club and forfeit any payments made to Snap Foto Club. I acknowledge any photos taken of me, or minors in my care, by Snap Foto Club employees belong to Snap Foto Club (Snap YYC Inc.) as explained in policy number 3.