before edit-woman flipping hair after edit-woman flipping hair
before edit girl posing with neon after edit girl posing with neon
before edit-couple with sunflowers after edit-couple with sunflowers
before edit-woman on swing after edit-woman on swing
before edit-guy with balloons after edit-guy with balloons
before edit-woman throwing roses after edit-woman throwing roses


SNAP Foto Club offers a retouching service on photos taken by the Instagram Husband (On staff photographer).


Retouching and editing turns great photos into something extraordinary. Some examples of the retouching we do include blemish removal, tasteful skin smoothing, eye enhancing, color grading, and other creative endeavours.


The cost for retouching is $10 per image. If you would like to retouch some of the special images from your Instagram Husband album, please quote the file number(s)in your email message.