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  • Party Room at Snap Foto Club

  • The party room at SNAP Foto Club can be booked with your General Admission, or Private Buyout booking. This extra add on is private and is the perfect addition for kid’s birthday parties or anyone else who wants to wants to enjoy cake and snacksĀ  after their visit to the SNAP Foto Club studio.
  • Party room booking Includes:

    • Tables and chairs with up to 15 guests
    • Tablecloths
    • Basic kids birthday decor
    • Single use cutlery, plates, and cups
    • An option for 30 minutes or 1 hour

  • Pricing:

    • 30 minutes – $37.50
    • 1 hour – $70.00

  • Add Ons:

    • Custom party decor
    • Snack and drink menu

Is there a place for parents to hangout while the kids are eating cake?

Yes, we have a bar right next to the party room that parents can enjoy.

May I bring food and drink?

Cake and food is permitted. Drinks are not permitted.

Do you provide plates, cutlery, and cups?

Yes, these items are included in the party room rental.

Is the party room private?

Yes, the party room is private to your booking after your time in the photo studio has elapsed.

Do you have drinks for purchase?

Yes, we have a selection of pop, water, and hot drinks.

How do I book the party room?

The party room can be booked as an add-on during the checkout process for “General Admission” or “Private Buyout” bookings.