Thank you for purchasing a Snap Foto Club Membership. We are committed to creating a welcoming, encouraging, and creative environment for all members. You must read and agree to the following terms to participate in the Snap Foto Club Membership program. Please note, all payments must be made upfront. Failure to follow the rules of Snap Foto Club and/or failing to honour the membership agreement will result in the membership being revoked. No refunds will be issued for revocations resulting from rule violations or other inappropriate behaviour. Membership fees are non-refundable if you choose to cancel before your member period has expired. Membership renewal is at the discretion of Snap Foto Club. Our goal is to foster strong relationships with our members that benefit all parties involved.


Membership Tiers:


Memberships are valid for 4 weeks from the date of purchase. Memberships expire after 4 weeks and will be automatically renewed unless billing is cancelled by the member or Snap Foto Club revokes the membership. Snap Foto Club Membership pricing is based on how many people you plan to bring with you to the studio on a regular basis. Which membership is right for you? This depends on your needs. If you’re a headshot photographer, you may want to consider the 2-participant option that gives you and your client daily access to the studio. Occasional additional participants are $25 per person (daily). If you run a small business and you have a team that needs consistent social media content you may want to consider a membership tier that is a good fit for the size of your team. If you are a model, influencer, or actor and you want to keep up with your socials but don’t have a photographer, consider the 1 participant membership, and then hire our Instagram Husband (on staff photographer) for consistent content. Please find pricing below:


Membership Tier
Who Should Book This?


Single Person
Best for individual creators who plan to visit the studio alone.


Two Person
Best for photographers who work mainly with single clients, content creators who work in a team of 2, influencers and their photographers


Three Person
Best for photographers who work with couples, content creators who work in teams of 3, or creators who want to bring a small entourage of a photographer and stylist


Four Person
Creators with midsize teams


Five Person
Photographers who work with families, creators with midsize teams


Six Person
Photographers who work with larger families, midsize content creation teams


Seven Person
Large content creation teams


Eight Person
Large content creation teams


Nine Person
Large content creation teams



Membership Rules:


1. Snap YYC Inc. is the legal owner of Snap Foto Club and the legal lessee of the premises located at 200-118 8 Ave SW Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1B3. This agreement outlines conditions for membership access to the premises and is in no way a sublease and does not grant the member any legal rights to the premises or property.


2. Memberships are granted on a month-to-month basis. You will remain in the membership pool if your membership is consecutively renewed. If you choose not to renew your membership one month, you will be added to the wait list if no memberships are available when you wish to rejoin.


3. All membership fees must be paid upfront.


4. Memberships are assigned to the individual and are NON-TRANSFERABLE


5. Members must present Photo ID upon entry to the studio. The member must be present for all bookings made with the member’s booking code


6. Memberships grant access to Snap Foto Club with the following rules:

    • Membership entitles you to daily access to SNAP Foto Club during regular business hours.
    • One entry per day, once you leave the studio your time for the day is finished
    • SNAP Foto Club grants access for 2 hours per day, however, longer sessions can be approved on a case-by-case basis
    • Studio operates on a first come first serve basis. This applies to studio time, light rentals, props, experiences, shooting areas and all other services we offer
    • Bookings can be made 21 days in advance
    • Snap Foto Club does not guarantee access on any specific day or times. If the time slot is available in the member calendar then it is available to book. Weekends at the studio are the busiest so if you would like weekend time slots you are encouraged to prebook with ample notice
    • Studio may be unavailable at times due to private events or work being done by the owners of Snap Foto Club. We will strive to give as much notice as possible in regard to closures
    • All studio time must be booked in advance using your unique booking code. You will be provided a booking link within 12 hours of purchasing your membership. Your booking code will expire every month and a new one will be provided upon renewal
    • It is understood that the space is shared with other members and the public during business hours. Snap Foto Club aims to give ample space for people to work. The number of people given access to the space at any given time is at the sole discretion of Snap Foto Club. Members can book private sessions for an additional fee and will receive a member discount of 20%.


7. The member is required to abide by all member and general admission rules and regulations of Snap Foto Club studio. Snap YYC Inc. reserves the right to alter policies and rules at any point. When renewing the membership, it is encouraged that you review the current membership policies before signing.


8. Any additional participants (in addition to your membership tier) must pay the $25+GST buddy rate to enter the studio. This includes all models, assistants, make-up artists, stylists, emotional supporters, creative directors, etc. that accompany the member to the space.


9. The member must prebook studio time. They must work within Snap Foto Club’s studio schedule and book within the business hours of operation. Bookings outside of regular business hours are at the discretion of Snap YYC Inc. and may be subject to additional fees


10. Snap Foto Club staff are required to be on site for all bookings


11. If specific dates and times are desired, the member is responsible for booking the studio with enough notice to secure the time slots. Snap YYC Inc. cannot guarantee specific dates and times to the member without a formal booking. The member recognizes they do not receive priority access to the studio and some dates and times may not be available


12. Permitted uses of the studio are photography, videography, client meetings, and professional planning for photoshoots. All other activities including but not limited to parties, events, workshops, and teaching are NOT permitted with membership access. If members would like to host events, the studio must be privately booked, and the member can apply their private studio rental discount


13. Examples of approved activities:

    • Amateur, pro and semi-pro photoshoots with models/clients (engagement photos, fashion photography, product photography like clothing or jewelry etc.)
    • Video shoots: music videos, interviews, product modelling (fashion)
    • Make-up artists creating content with models
    • Corporate photography (headshots)
    • Social media content creators working with models or bringing a photographer
    • Professional meetings with clients


14. Mini sessions and multiple back-to-back clients per member booking are permitted but are subject to the following rules:

    • Member’s clients can only arrive within 5 minutes of the start of their time slot (i.e. if you are running mini sessions with guests arriving every 20 minutes, they cannot arrive more than 5 minutes before their shooting time)
    • Member’s guests must leave immediately after their shoot is completed. They do not have access to the studio beyond their mini session booking (for example, they cannot finish their photos with you and then go take selfies in the remainder of the space)
    • You cannot stack participants in the studio. For example, if you hold a 4-person membership you can only have 3 people with you in the studio at a time. Any guests who arrive too early or fail to leave the studio after completing their photo session will be asked to wait outside and/or the member will receive an invoice amounting to $25/person who does not adhere to this rule
    • The member is required to greet their guests at the door, guide them through their session, and take them to the exit of the studio upon completing each session. Snap Foto Club staff are not available to facilitate your mini session or back-to-back bookings


15. This agreement gives the Member access to Snap Foto Club studio but does not include use of seamless paper, modifiers, lights, or other equipment belonging to Snap YYC Inc. Discounts on these items are available as follows: If you need an occasional rental, memberships offer you a discount of 20% on all posted prices (seamless paper is not included in the discount program). If you’re a gear head and you want to have access to all the gear we have available, we offer a monthly flat rate rental for all available gear for $150+GST (does not include seamless paper). Please visit our gear rental list for pricing and a comprehensive list. All gear must be pre-booked at the time of studio reservation. Snap YYC Inc. cannot guarantee equipment availability and it is the member’s responsibility to reserve gear with as much notice as possible to ensure availability. Gear can be rented upon arrival at the studio but is subject to availability


16. No outside food or drink is allowed into the space (except water in bottles with lids). No outside alcohol is permitted at any time, no exceptions. Alcoholic drinks can be purchased at the Snap Foto Club bar. Members get a 10% discount on café items (excluding alcohol)


17. Snap Foto Club staff are there to monitor the space and facilitate the café and other transactions. You are expected to be self-reliant in the space unless you have hired the Instagram Husband. For example, you must know how to use your gear, how to light your photos, pose your models etc. Learning opportunities will be available through workshops


18. Snap Foto Club is very strict with member time limits. You must vacate the studio at the end of your booking. Any time spent in studio beyond your booking will be billed to the member at a rate of $25/person/hour in 15-minute increments. The session is not permitted to extend beyond operating hours (this includes tear down and vacating the studio). The member will be billed the private studio rate of $200+GST/hour for sessions that extend beyond closing time


19. The MEMBER is responsible for their guest’s payments. If a guest leaves the studio and fails to settle their balance the MEMBER will be sent an invoice. Failure of the member to settle invoices will result in termination of the membership indefinitely. No refunds will be given


20. Props, off camera lighting, and tripods are permitted. It is the responsibility of the members to work around each other in the space. Snap Foto Club is dedicated to creating a positive work environment and will limit the number of people in the space as we see fit


21. Photo experiences are first come first serve. Members and guests must give everyone the opportunity to use an experience (no monopolizing experiences). If you are planning to shoot in one specific experience, we encourage you to book during less busy times (for example, weekday afternoons)


22. There is limited space in the studio for belongings. Please only bring what is necessary for your photoshoot. There is NO onsite gear storage. Snap Foto Club is not responsible for your belongings. You leave them at your own risk


23. All members must agree to Snap Foto Club’s General Admission rules prior to each booking. Please read them here: General Admission Rules


24. Snap Foto Club staff do not want to micromanage members and their sessions. We aim to create a fun, welcoming environment and when rules are required to be enforced by staff, it harshes everyone’s mellow. We don’t want to do that. We ask that members know the rules, follow them, have their guests follow them, and respect the studio so that everyone can have a good time


25. The Snap Foto Club membership program is intended to open the studio to all creators and build a collective, creative environment at an affordable rate. These rules are in place to keep the studio running smoothly. If Snap Foto Club staff deem members are trying to skirt, bend, manipulate rules or otherwise take advantage of the membership program, their memberships will be revoked


26. Snap Foto Club reserves the right to amend these rules at any time for any reason


By purchasing a membership to Snap Foto Club, I agree to abide by the above rules, and agree to this agreement on behalf of everyone in my party. I recognize failure to abide by the above rules and the General Admission rules will result in being asked to leave Snap Foto Club and may result in membership revocation and forfeiture of any payments made to Snap Foto Club.