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  • Instagram Husband

  • Don’t trust yo mama to take your pictures? No Problem, add on a photo pack during General Admission checkout to hire our Instagram Husband (On Staff Photographer) or book one of the packaged photo shoots below. Instagram Husbands are a team of professional photographers from, we’ll light you, pose you, and snap you with our professional camera.

  • Instagram Husband Packages

    • 1 photo – $5.00 +GST*
    • 5 photos – $20.00+GST*
    • 10 photos – $40.00+GST*
    • 25 photos – $80.00+GST*
    • Full Album – $100+GST*


    *Prices do not include admission

What is an Instagram Husband?

The Instagram Husband is our on staff professional photographer. The Instagram Husband can be booked as an add on during checkout to take all the bomb images during your visit. The Instagram Husband can also be booked out for traditional packaged photo shoots as listed above.

If I add on 1 image does that mean the Instagram Husband takes only 1 photo?

No, If you purchase 1 image the Instagram Husband will take a whole bunch of images and you will get to select your image on a tablet after the completion of your booking. Please note that the allocation of the Instagram Husband’s time to your booking is relative to the amount of images purchased. “Full Album” purchases buy-out the Instagram Husband’s time for the duration of your 1 hour booking.

Should I book one of the packages listed above or should I buy General Admission tickets?

If you’re looking for a traditional photo shoot at SNAP Foto Club you should purchase one of the packages listed above. All of the packages listed above include a photographer for the duration of your booking.


If you would like to use SNAP Foto Club to take your own photos or bring a photographer you would purchase General Admission tickets.


If you would like to use SNAP Foto Club to take some of your own photos and buy an image pack from the Instagram Husband, you should purchase General Admission tickets and add on an Instagram Husband image pack during checkout.


Pricing of General Admission tickets + Instagram Husband Full Album is the same as the packages listed above.

Do you take photos with a phone camera or do you use professional equipment?

We use professional cameras, lenses, and lights to capture all of our Instagram Husband Images.

Do you deliver the images as digitals or prints?

The images are uploaded to online storage and delivered to your email address as digital files. Physical prints are also available (at additional cost) and can be printed on-demand, immediately after your booking.

What if I want to book a photoshoot that is not listed as a package above?

You can purchase General Admission tickets and add on an Instagram Husband image pack during checkout.


Solo visitors to SNAP Foto Club can purchase the “1 Ticket + 15 Instagram Husband Images” This option bundles admission for 30 minutes and 15 Images from the Instagram Husband. This ticket includes a buy-out of the Instagram Husband’s time for 30 minutes. Additional images can be purchased in studio.

If I purchase any Image pack fewer than "full album", are you able to email me the photos so I can pick my selects at home?

No, any Image packs with fewer images than “full album” must be selected in studio. Please make sure you leave adequate time after your booking to select your images. Alternatively, you can upgrade your image pack in studio to “full album” to have all the images from your session emailed to you.