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What is an Instagram Husband?

An Instagram Husband refers simply to “a person behind the camera” (no, it’s not anyone’s actual husband!). We have a team of pro photographers who are on site to capture some great shots of you while you have fun! Their photos are available for purchase at the end of your visit. They are also there to lend a hand by snapping a group shot or two of you and your friends on your phone or personal camera.


The husbands are shared among all guests and are not guaranteed to be available for the full duration of your visit. If you want all the attention on you, please visit our professional photography website SNAP Foto


IG Husband Photo Packages:

1 photo – $5.00 (+GST)

5 photos – $20.00 (+GST)

10 photos – $40.00 (+GST)

25 photos – $80.00 (+GST)

Full Album – $100.00 (+GST)


Please note there is no guarantee for the number of photos that will be taken of you. It is dependent on IG husband availability and number of guests in the facility.

What is SNAP Foto Club?

SNAP Foto Club is a unique photo studio designed for everyone. We host over 30 photography experiences with professional grade lighting for you to use to get amazing pictures, no appointment necessary! Our backdrops will be rotated with new experiences popping up frequently so stay tuned in on our social media.


We are a great spot to spend time with friends and family, host a party, or enjoy a night out with that special someone. The possibilities are endless!

Do I need to be a member?

No! SNAP Foto Club is for everyone! Whether you’re a professional photographer, a hobbyist, looking for fresh shots for your socials, or looking for a fun night out, we’ve got you covered.


However, SNAP Foto Club does offer memberships in limited quantities. The memberships allow content creators unlimited access to the space. Please contact us if you’re interested in applying to become a member. Perks include access to the space to create content for your business, discounted buddy passes, discounted rental rates, and more.

How does membership work?

Membership entitles you to unlimited use of the space. This is a perfect option for photographers, videographers, make up artists, influencers, and content creators who collaborate and create content on the daily.


Membership pricing is as follows:

Month to Month: $50.00 + GST / month

3 Month: $45.00 + GST / month

6 Month: $40.00 + GST / month

1 Year: $35.00 + GST / month


Please contact us if you are interested in applying for a membership. Memberships are limited, conditions apply.

Can my photographer and I both get memberships and do a photo shoot at your studio?

Absolutely! However, memberships are in limited supply so this may not always be possible. Please contact us if you want to apply to be a member.

How much does it cost?

General Admission is Friday – Sunday. The following ticket options are available:

  • General admission tickets  (1 hour) are $35.00 (+ GST and online booking fees). Children under 2 get in free with a paid adult ticket and children 12 and under get in for $20.00 (+ GST and online booking fees).
  • Our family pack (2 adult + 2 kids tickets) are $100.00 (+ GST and online booking fees).
  • Student ticket is $25.00 (+ GST and online booking fees, valid Friday-Sunday Only). Valid student ID must be presented at the door. If you don’t have your ID you will be required to pay the difference for a full priced ticket (+10.00).
  • Date night ticket package including 2 adult tickets and a free Instagram Husband digital photo for $70.00 (+ GST and online booking fees, available Friday-Sunday only).


Professional Admission runs from Monday-Thursday. This time is geared towards professional/amateur photographers, videographers, and content creators, however, this time can be used by anyone. Tickets are $35.00 per person + GST per hour.


Membership fees are $50 per month on a month to month basis. We also have a 3 month, 6 month, and a 1 year option with reduced pricing on the number of months you have signed up for. Please contact us for details.


Private shoot rates can be found on our professional photography website, SNAP Foto


Facility rental pricing will be provided on a case by case basis depending on your event. Please contact us for more information.


Keep an eye on our social media for ticket promos!

How do I pay?

We accept credit card, Interac, and cash onsite. Online ticket bookings are credit card only. We accept e-transfers for private events or large groups.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, we have a limited selection of beer, wine, and sparkling wine.

Where are you located? Is there parking?

SNAP Foto Club is located in the heart of downtown Calgary on the Stephen Avenue mall. Our address is 200-118 8th Avenue SW. We are on the second floor.


There is no dedicated onsite parking due to the location. There are several parkades in the area including the Telus Convention Centre and the Core Shopping Centre. Street parking is available downtown but Stephen Avenue is currently closed to vehicles. Downtown street parking is free after 6PM on weekdays, and all day on Saturdays and Sundays(select areas). If you’re dropping people off, centre street at 8th Avenue has several 15 minute loading zones.


Don’t want to drive? No problem! We are located one block from the C-Train line. Hop off at 3rd or Centre Street coming from the W/NW or 1st Street coming from NE/S.

What should I expect during General Admission(Friday-Sunday)?

General Admission runs Friday-Sunday and gives you access to our 4000 sq.ft. facility containing over 30 photo experiences for you to enjoy. Snap your way through the space during your 1 hour session by moving from one experience to the next. To keep things flowing please spend a maximum of 5 minutes per experience. We limit the number of people entering the space each hour so you can spread out and enjoy taking photos without enduring long wait times. Everyone entering our facility must have a ticket and sign a rule agreement form.


SNAP Foto Club is a self serve photo studio during General Admission. Please come ready to take your own photos. You and your friends can trade off who takes pictures, or you can bring a dedicated photographer. We have Instagram Husbands that roam the space and will be taking photos of you using their own gear. Their pro photos are available for optional purchase at the end of your visit. The Husbands will help you out and snap some group shots using your phone or camera but they are shared among all guests and may not be available at all times.


We offer a variety of photo props for you to use during your session so don’t be afraid to get creative! You are free to use any available prop but we ask that you return it to where you find it so all guests can access them. You can rent extra lighting, cameras, and purchase Instax film on site.


If it’s privacy you crave, visit SNAP Foto to book a session. If you would like to book the studio privately as a photographer/videographer or are working with a photographer/videographer please visit the SNAP Foto Studio page for booking info.

What should I expect during Professional/Amateur Admission(Monday-Thursday)?

Professional/Amateur Admission gives you access to our 4000 sq.ft. facility containing over 30 photo experiences for you to utilize in your shoot. Everyone is welcome during Professional/Amateur Admission but this time is geared towards professionals and amateurs who work creatively . Off-camera lighting, tripods, and full outfit changes are all permitted during this time . Everyone entering our facility must have a ticket and sign a rule agreement form.


We offer a variety of photo props for you to use during your session so don’t be afraid to get creative! You are free to use any available prop but we ask that you return it to where you find it so all guests can access them. You can rent extra lighting, cameras, and purchase Instax film on site.


If it’s privacy you crave, visit SNAP Foto to book a session. If you would like to book the studio privately as a photographer/videographer or are working with a photographer/videographer please visit the SNAP Foto Studio page for booking info.

What should I bring?

During General Admission(Friday-Sunday) you can bring small personal props and cameras. No off-camera lighting, tripods, fans, or stands can be set up during this time.


During Professional/Amateur Admission(Monday-Thursday) you can bring off-camera strobes, tripods, whatever is necessary for your shoot.


We are on the second floor so you need to be able to carry your gear up the stairs. Please keep your gear with you at all times during your visit. If you bring any gear that is not permitted  we will ask you to store it in your car while you use the space as we do not provide gear storage onsite.


During General Admission, please arrive dressed to the nines as there is limited space for outfit changes. We do offer glam stations to make sure you are looking your absolute best before entering the photo space!


We kindly ask that you do not bring outside food or drink into the space.

What rentals do you offer?

We have DSLR and Instax instant print cameras available for rent. These are in limited quantity and are subject to availability. If you know you will need a camera please reserve it during your ticket purchase.


We also have ring lights available for rent. These easy to use lights provide that insta-perfect look and are the secret behind every influencer out there! Rentals are subject to availability and provide 45 minutes of light per battery charge.


Are you a pro? Our studio strobes are available to rent during your visit. We have wireless triggers for Sony, Nikon, and Canon.

Is SNAP Foto Club for all ages?

SNAP Foto Club is open for all ages (unless there is a private adult only event). Our goal is to provide a fun, family friendly environment for Calgarians to enjoy. Children need to be accompanied by an adult at all times while using the facility.

Are your experiences always the same?

No! We have a core set of popular experiences that will be in the space long term but there will be new and seasonal experiences added frequently. Check our website and social media for updates on our experiences.


Have a great idea for an experience? Let us know! We want SNAP Foto Club to be a space Calgarians feel connected to. Our space is your space.

Can I touch the walls?

Some of our experiences are interactive and we encourage you to take full advantage, but we ask that you please be respectful of the walls that are not designed to be touched. We want our experiences to be enjoyed for a long time. We thank you in advance for keeping our space in great shape for everyone to enjoy!

I’m a professional photographer, can I use your space for my clients?

Absolutely. As professional photographers we wanted to create a studio space that caters to the professional as well as the general public. The space can be used shared among the public, or privately. Groups interested in shared bookings can simply purchase tickets on our website. Private and semi-private bookings can visit our SNAP Foto Studio page for booking info

I sell products, can I use your space to create content for my website and social media?

Absolutely. We have gear dedicated to making product photography easy and quick.

Do you offer professional photography services?

Yes, we have a 2 person photography team on staff that can be hired for photoshoots at SNAP Foto Club or they can be booked for offsite work. We can cover all of your photography needs including weddings, engagement, corporate work, headshots, newborns, and portraits. Please visit SNAP Foto for more info.

I’m a social media influencer, can I get a deal?

Please inquire with SNAP Foto Club staff and apply for an affiliate code that can pay out with free admissions and other perks at SNAP Foto Club. Certain criteria are required to qualify.

Do you have change rooms?

We have one changing area available upon request.


Due to time constraints during General Admission we highly recommend that you arrive dressed and ready to take your pictures!


If you know you want to do multiple outfit changes, professional admission or a private studio booking may be your best option. Please get in touch for guidance.

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds at Snap Foto Club. This includes, but is not limited to admissions, rentals, prints, Instagram Husband photos, and food and drink.


For our studio rental cancellation policy please refer to your rental agreement or call us to inquire.

Does everyone in my group have to buy a ticket?

Yes, everyone who enters SNAP Foto Club needs a ticket. This includes photographers, parents taking pictures of their kids, and people who just want to tag along to hang out with friends and family. Why? Because everyone wants in on the fun!


We operate with a limited capacity to ensure everyone has a fun and relaxed time at SNAP Foto Club. Because of this only those holding a ticket will be given access to our facility.

Can I print my photos?

Yes! We have an in house photo printer. You can get 1 print for $1 or 10 prints for $8.

Do I need to book an appointment?

No! During General Admission or Professional/Amateur admission you simply buy a ticket online or at the door. No need to call ahead to book.


To book our studio privately or semi-privately, or to book a private photographer please visit the SNAP Foto website.

Can I bring a photographer?

Sure! Your photographer will need to purchase a General Admission(Friday-Sunday) or Professional /Amateur Admission(Monday-Thursday) ticket.


If you want a more in depth photoshoot a private or semi private booking may be what you are after. Please visit the SNAP Foto Studio website for more info.

Are pets allowed?

We love our furry friends but unfortunately we do not allow pets during general admission or professional/amateur admission. However, we will be hosting nights dedicated to pets. Please keep a look out on our social media for announcements. We can also book private shoots with your pets. Please visit the SNAP Foto website for private pet shoot information.

What about light?

During daylight SNAP Foto Club has some of the best indoor light you can get. We have large windows, and huge skylights, and if you’re fortunate enough to come when the sun is out, our stained glass windows cast beautiful rainbow colored light into our studio space. All of this light is strengthened by our soft artificial light that is customized for each experience. At night time our daylight balanced lights take over and provide even light distribution throughout the studio to ensure you can get great shots when there is no natural light. Having trouble finding SNAP Foto Club? Just look for the brightest 2nd floor on Stephen Avenue.

Should I buy tickets online or at the door?

SNAP Foto Club operates on a limited capacity model so if you want to ensure your spot at a specific time, please book online. However, if you happen to be on Stephen Avenue feel free to come up and say hello, we will do our best to fit you in.


Occasionally SNAP Foto Club closes for private events and private photo shoots. Booking online ensures your desired time and date. Please watch our social media for any future closures.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, please use the contact form to get in touch with us to purchase a gift certificate.

Why do I not see available tickets for my future date?

Occasionally SNAP Foto Club hosts private events and private photo shoots. To ensure there are no scheduling mix ups we only sell tickets a maximum of 4 weeks in advance. Check back often to see if your desired date has been added. We will also announce new dates on our social media.

Are you a temporary pop-up?

No! Our backgrounds, props, and colors change but our address does not. We are here to stay.