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  • Memberships

  • Content creators rejoice! You’ve been chased off by security guards and guard dogs, stared down by people you have never met, and to top it all off, the weather and light just never seem to cooperate. Finally, a place that has good light. Finally, a place where you won’t get frostbite on your fingers operating your camera. Finally, a place where you won’t get judged for taking pictures or videos. Finally, a place that insists you bring a camera.


  • Memberships are ideal for:

    • Photographers
    • Videographers
    • Content Creators
    • Hair and make up artists
    • Models
    • Actors
    • Influencers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Anyone who needs photos and videos on the daily

  • Memberships include:

    • Daily use of a beautiful 4000 square foot studio with limitless creative potential
    • Discounted buddy passes
    • Discounted gear rentals
    • Discounted snacks and drinks
    • Discounted private and event rentals
    • Discounted photo prints
    • An impressive and central place to meet with clients
    • A month to month membership agreement, cancel anytime
    • Control of ceiling light array at no additional charge
    • Off-camera light fee waived


Number of Available Memberships

  • 1 participant

  • $62.5/mo
    • Daily admission for 1 participant
    • Additional participants $25 each (daily)

  • 2 participants

  • $125/mo
    • Daily admission for 2 participants
    • Additional participants $25 each (daily)

  • 3 participants

  • $187.5/mo
    • Daily admission for 3 participants
    • Additional participants $25 each (daily)

  • 4 participants

  • $212.5/mo
    • Daily admission for 4 participants
    • Additional participants $25 each (daily)

  • 5 participants

  • $265.63/mo
    • Daily admission for 5 participants
    • Additional participants $25 each (daily)

  • 6 participants

  • $318.75/mo
    • Daily admission for 6 participants
    • Additional participants $25 each (daily)

  • 7 participants

  • $371.88/mo
    • Daily admission for 7 participants
    • Additional participants $25 each (daily)

  • 8 participants

  • $400/mo
    • Daily admission for 8 participants
    • Additional participants $25 each (daily)

  • 9 participants

  • $450/mo
    • Daily admission for 9 participants
    • Additional participants $25 each (daily)

What membership tier is best for me?

This depends on your needs. Below are a few examples of memberships


If you’re a headshot photographer you may want to consider the 2 participant option that gives you and your client daily access to the studio. Occasional additional participants are $25 per person (daily)


If you run a small business and you have a team that needs consistent social media content you may want to consider a membership tier that is a good fit for the size of your team.


If you are a model, influencer, or actor and you want to keep up with your socials but don’t have a photographer, consider the 1 participant membership and then hire our Instagram Husband (on staff photographer) for consistent content.

How much studio time do I get with a membership?

Membership entitles you to daily access to SNAP Foto Club during regular business hours. SNAP Foto Club guarantees 2 hours per day (subject to availability), however, longer sessions can be approved on a case by case basis.

Is it possible to upgrade to a larger membership tier after I have already purchased one of the smaller memberships?

Yes, you may pay the difference in price between the membership tiers to upgrade.

Why does it say that memberships are sold out?

In order to give all creators room to do their best work, we offer memberships in very limited quantities. Once memberships are sold out you can opt to be put on a waiting list for the next available spot.

Already a member and don’t want to lose your spot? Maintain at least the lowest tier every month and you will not lose your spot.

How long do I have to sign up for?

All memberships are month to month, you can cancel anytime, however, if memberships are sold out you will not be able to reinstate your membership until a spot becomes available. There are no long term contracts, but a month to month agreement must be signed.

Do you have gear that I can use?

We have a very large selection of video and photo gear that can be rented for your shoots. If you need an occasional rental, memberships offer you a discount of 20% on all posted prices. If you’re a gear head and you want to have access to all the gear we have available, we offer a monthly buy out of all available gear for $150. Please visit our gear rental list for pricing and a comprehensive list

I want to use SNAP Foto Club as a place to meet with clients, what tier should I purchase?

All the membership tiers give you access to SNAP Foto Club as a venue to meet with clients.

By purchasing a membership you agree to our member rules and terms.