• Product Photos at SNAP Foto Club

  • SNAP Foto Club offers product photos for your business like no other. 30+ photo ops in a heritage building built in 1892, SNAP Foto Club is a facility with limitless creative potential.
  • Each Product Session Includes:

    • A session in a beautiful 4000 square foot studio built in 1892.
    • 30+ photo ops
    • A huge selection of props and surfaces
    • A large album of images(Usually over 200 images) (delivered digitally)
    • Same day or next day delivery

  • Pricing:

    • Product sessions starting at $85.00. Please contact us for a custom quote.

  • Add Ons

    • Immediate on site physical print packages
    • Snack and drink menu

What's an Instagram Husband?

The Instagram Husband is our on staff professional photographer.

What should I expect from a product session at SNAP Foto Club?

Product sessions at SNAP Foto Club are creative and collaborative. We have a 4000 square foot studio in a beautiful heritage building built in 1892 with over 30 photo ops, there is something in our studio for every product.

Does This Session Include A Photographer?

Yes, the session listed above includes a photographer (Instagram Husband). SNAP Foto Club is a selfie studio, however the roaming Instagram Husbands (on staff photographers) can be added to ticket purchases to snap professional photos. The session listed above comes bundled with admission tickets and the Instagram Husband (on staff photographer).

I Really Like To Work With My Own Photographer, May We Use Your Space To Shoot Product Photos?

We would love to change your mind, but SNAP Foto Club is available for everyone, including other photographers. You and your photographer just need to buy General Admission tickets. Please ensure your photographer reads the SNAP Foto Club rules regarding shooting at our studio. Alternatively, your photographer can book pro time at our studio. Please visit our sister website for pro studio rentals. Please be advised that larger products that obstruct other guests in the studio will be subject to additional fees.

What Backgrounds Do You Offer?

Our studio offers a huge selection of custom backgrounds inspired by pop culture and social media. We also offer beautiful historic features like Romanesque windows, heritage sandstone, and heritage brick. If something simpler is more up your alley, we have a classic white wainscotting feature wall that is a favourite if you want something simple. We have something for everyone.