• Halloween at SNAP Foto Club

  • Oct 28th, 29th, and 30th, SNAP Foto Club transforms into THE place for your Halloween photos/videos. During the days (Before 8PM) of the 28th, 29th, and 30th, come and get your photos with some of the most bloody, gory, and scary photo ops available. The nights of the 28th and 29th come and party after 8PM, the lights will go down, the undead will rise to the sound of music, and you’ll have it all on your Tik Tok.
  • Pricing:

    • Halloween Party: $10 per participant advance tickets/$15 per participant at the door.
    • Halloween Tickets: Starting at $50 for 2 participants.





  • Add Ons:

    • Instagram Husband Packages:
      • 1 photo – $5.00 +GST
      • 5 photos – $20.00+GST
      • 10 photos – $40.00+GST
      • 25 photos – $80.00+GST
      • Full Album – $100+GST
    • Immediate on site physical print packages
    • Snack and drink menu

What's the difference between Halloween Tickets and the Halloween Party?

Halloween Tickets are typical operation of SNAP Foto Club on Oct 28, Oct 29, and Oct 30, but with scary Halloween photo ops. Capacity is limited, and the light in the studio is tuned to bright daylight to capture great photos/videos.


The Halloween Party will be an 18+ spooky soirée, with drinks, fun, and music. Use our spooky light to film your Tik Tok videos, or just hang out and soak in the scary Halloween atmosphere.

Does everyone attending need to purchase admission?

SNAP Foto Club is an experiential attraction that operates on a capacity model, therefore, all visitors who enter the photo space for Halloween must purchase admission.

What dates will SNAP Foto Club celebrate Halloween?

Oct 28, 29, and 30.


If you would like to come to SNAP Foto Club during our Halloween Extravaganza, please book during one of the aforementioned dates.

May I do a photo shoot during the Halloween Party?

Yes, but please keep in mind that capacity during the party is not limited, so expect a crowd.

How long can I stay during the Halloween Dates?

General Admission tickets are our standard 1 hour slots, with options to extend your time.


The Halloween Party starts at 9PM, and you can stay until closing time.