• SNAP Foto Club Facility

  • Welcome to SNAP Foto Club! The photos above showcase our studio, please note that the photos are meant to showcase the facility and not the individual photo ops. If you would like to see our current selection of photo ops please visit our Instagram profile. Below you will find additional information about our facility.
  • SNAP Foto Club Information

    • 30+ Photo ops in a beautiful 4000 square foot heritage building built in 1892
    • Custom SNAP Foto Club backgrounds and experiences, and beautiful building features like hardwood floors, sandstone walls, brick walls, and Romanesque windows
    • Seasonal and holiday upgrades
    • In-house cafe with alcohol service
    • On arguably the most picturesque street in Calgary

  • Light:

    • A total of 17 windows
    • A total of 6 skylights
    • An array of 50+ ceiling mounted panel lights
    • Stunning natural hard light (conditions permitting)








How can I use SNAP Foto Club?

SNAP Foto Club is perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, bachelorette parties, DIY photo shoots, pro photo shoots. The list goes on…


I'm not a photographer, can I still use SNAP Foto Club?

Yes! SNAP Foto Club is for everyone. The venue is beautifully lit, all you need to get great shots is a phone with enough storage and battery life.

I'm a pro photographer, what should I know?

The SNAP Foto Club studio is flooded by natural daylight. Most photographers¬† don’t use additional light, however, some photographers bring a speed light or other strobe lights. Please remember that any light sources that are setup off-camera are subject to an additional $25 off-camera light fee. Don’t want to lug your heavy lights? Check out our rentals. If you plan on using off-camera light we can apply your $25 off-camera light fee towards our rentals.


Recommended lenses for SNAP Foto Club studio are mid range zooms. Prime shooters will want a selection of mid range focal lengths to cover all their bases.


Other recommended gear at SNAP Foto Club is reflectors. Folding reflectors are easy to carry, light, and very inexpensive. Because of the abundant amount of light sources at SNAP Foto Club, you’ll find a reflector is a very useful tool to have.


I would like to see SNAP Foto Club before booking, is this possible?

Yes, please contact us and we will book you in for a tour.

What sort of images are possible at SNAP Foto Club?

Please visit the Instagram Husband page to see some of the fun examples of the images our on staff photographers take in our studio.

I'm looking for a solid coloured background like white, grey, black, etc... Do you do that?

Yes, please check out our self portraits product