Outside of SNAP Foto Club

About Us

Snap Foto Club is an innovative self-serve photography studio in Calgary, Alberta. We offer over 30 photo experiences for you to enjoy. Whether you are a professional photographer, a hobbyist honing your portrait skills, or someone who loves snapping pictures with your friends for social media, we’ve got you covered.


Our 4000 square foot space is located in the heart of downtown Calgary, on the incredibly popular and historic Stephen Avenue pedestrian mall. Situated on arguably the most photographed street in Calgary, the Tribune Block building was built in 1892 and boasts unique sandstone and brick interiors, wood floors, and stunning skylights. When you’re here, you are surrounded by over 100 years of Calgary history and we are excited to share this beautiful Heritage building with you. Located next to some of Calgary’s best restaurants, the Calgary Tower, Olympic Plaza, and The Core Shopping Centre, Snap Foto Club is the perfect addition to your night out on the town.


We also have a refreshment bar for you to enjoy offering espresso beverages, tea, and pop, as well as an array of light snacks. Other amenities include a variety of photo props, camera rentals (including Instax instant print cameras), and photo printing services.


Snap Foto Club experiences are inspired by the latest trends in photography, interior design, and pop culture. Alongside our core set of experiences, seasonal offeri.ngs will be added frequently that reflect holidays and events happening in our city. We strive to offer beautiful photo opportunities that are interactive, colourful, and unlike anything else you can find in the city. If you’re looking for something fun to do with friends, a place to create content for your online business, or somewhere to celebrate your engagement or birthday, Snap Foto club is your answer.


If you’re a professional looking for a unique space to work, our studio is available to rent. You can rent our private room that has pull down backdrop paper, lighting, modifiers and tripods available to you. This private shooting bay is available during General Admission as well as during the week. Please call us for availability.


Planning an event and want to rent our space? Please contact us! Snap Foto Club is a unique entertainment opportunity for your next corporate party, product launch, birthday celebration, engagement party, or baby shower. We like to work with our clients to provide a custom experience so prices vary depending on the details of your event.


Snap Foto Club was founded out of a love of photography and a desire to encourage Calgarians to engage with each other in a fun and unexpected way. Snap Foto Club is designed to give you a space to express yourself through your own lens and we hope you have as much fun exploring our space as we had creating it!


Happy Snapping!